Nvidia RTX 3060 470.05 Driver Download and unlock 50 MH/s ETH Mining

In this article you will learn how to unlock 50 MH/s ETH Mining, NVIDIA RTX 3060 470.05 Driver Download and NVIDIA Beta driver.

On FEB 2021 NVIDIA Accidentally released NVIDIA GeForce 470.05 Dev Drivers allowed RTX 30xx family graphic cards to mine Ethereum (ETH) at its full capacity ~50 MH/s. But, after they deleted this 470.05 and driver isn’t anymore available online on the NVIDIA official website.

So to bypass 25Mh/s Ethereum mining speed limit you need download and install 470.05 beta driver:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to install NVIDIA Beta drivers

  1. How to install NVIDIA Beta drivers

  2. Download NVIDIA 470.05 beta driver from here

  3. Extract the downloaded RAR 470.05.rar file

  4. Uninstall any previous versions of NVIDIA drivers and restart your computer

  5. Install the driver

After install NVIDIA 470.05 driver as you see 25 MH/s hashrate unlocked.

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