How To Test Internet Speed On VPS

How To Test Internet Speed On Linux VPS

To get internet speed from command line Linux VPS we can use Python utility from SPEEDTEST – Speedtest-cli. Speedtest-cli is a script developed in Python programming language.

Lets download SPEEDTEST utility from GitHub and add execute permission for script:

# wget -O speedtest-cli
# chmod +x speedtest-cli

Run speed test:

# ./speedtest-cli

In couple seconds you will able see your VPS download speed and upload speed.

Here example test my connection speed:

test my connection


Check speed and display speedtest results in bytes instead of bits:

# ./speedtest-cli –bytes

speed test results in bytes


To display a list of all available servers sorted by distance:

./speedtest-cli --list

You will see large amount available servers. For example if you want see only servers located in Paris:

# ./speedtest-cli --list | grep Paris

linux speed test


Specify a server to test against

To test connection speed against particular server run command with –server option: –server [ServerID]. ServerID can be found from executing previous command.


# ./speedtest-cli --server 6219


Show speedtest-cli help and all availible commands

# ./speedtest-cli --help

speedtest commands


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