How To Identify Failed Disk Serial Number In FreeNAS

How To Identify Failed Disk Serial Number In FreeNAS

To Identify Failed Disk Serial Number In FreeNAS.

1. Run command: zpool status

# zpool status

Example output:

FAULTED Hard Drive in FreeNAS

So we have 2 faulted hard drives

2. Then run: glabel status:

# glabel status

Example output:

glabel status

This output shows faulted disk numbers – da3p2, da8p2.

Now if you know your hard drive numbers, you can replace disks, or you may need one more step to determine failed disk serial number.

3. To determine serial numbers use smartctl  command:

# smartctl -i /dev/da3


disk serial number

In my case i have bad Hitachi hard drive

Now you can replace disk with serial number YGG9X21A.

Best Hard Drives for NAS


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  1. Big help! Is there any reason this info could not be added to the disk info screen as an additional column option? It seems that when system was changed to gptid, it should have been added as an option to see in the GUI.

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