Mass Unfollow Instagram Python Script

Mass Unfollow Instagram Python Script

I found great Python script that allowing automatically unfollow accounts you are following, but that doesn’t follow you back.

import argparse
import random
import sys
import time

from InstagramAPI import InstagramAPI

def GetAllFollowing(bot, user_id):
    following = []
    next_max_id = True
    while next_max_id:
        if next_max_id is True:
            next_max_id = ''
        _ = bot.getUserFollowings(user_id, maxid=next_max_id)
        following.extend(bot.LastJson.get('users', []))
        next_max_id = bot.LastJson.get('next_max_id', '')
    following = set([_['pk'] for _ in following])
    return following

def GetAllFollowers(bot, user_id):
    followers = []
    next_max_id = True
    while next_max_id:
        if next_max_id is True:
            next_max_id = ''
        _ = bot.getUserFollowers(user_id, maxid=next_max_id)
        followers.extend(bot.LastJson.get('users', []))
        next_max_id = bot.LastJson.get('next_max_id', '')
    followers = set([_['pk'] for _ in followers])
    return followers

if __name__ == '__main__':

    # parse cmd line args
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Unfollow instagram users that don\'t follow you back!.')
    parser.add_argument('username', help='your instagram username')
    parser.add_argument('password', help='your instagram password')

    parser.add_argument('-n', '--num_unfollows', type=int, default=50,
                        help='Max number of users to unfollow in session')
    parser.add_argument('-d', '--max_delay', type=int, default=5,
                        help='Max seconds to wait between unfollow calls')

    args = parser.parse_args()

    # get credentials, authenticate
    ig = InstagramAPI(args.username, args.password)

    # success is just a bool
    success = ig.login()
    if not success:
        print('INSTAGRAM LOGIN FAILED!')

    # fetch your own primary key
    self_id = ig.LastJson['user']['pk']

    # loop through json for followers/following
    followers = GetAllFollowers(ig, self_id)
    following = GetAllFollowing(ig, self_id)
    print('- following {} users'.format(len(following)))
    print('- followed by {} users'.format(len(followers)))

    # they don't reciprocate
    unreciprocated = following - followers

    # i don't reciprocate
    free_followers = followers - following

    print('- following {} users that dont follow back'.format(len(unreciprocated)))
    print('- you have {} followers that you dont follow back\n'.format(len(free_followers)))

    # loop through unreciprocated users and unfollow w/ random delay
    for _ in list(unreciprocated)[:min(len(unreciprocated), args.num_unfollows)]:
        print('  - unfollowing user {}'.format(ig.LastJson['user']['username']))
        time.sleep(random.uniform(1, args.max_delay))

Example usage:

python -n 250 -d 60 Your_Instagram_username Your_Instagram_password

Where is:

-n: Max number of users to unfollow in session. Default=50

-d: Max wait seconds between unfollow calls. Default=5

insta unfollower

insta unfollower

Script homepage on Github:



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Mass Unfollow Instagram Python Script
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Mass Unfollow Instagram Python Script
How to mass unfollow instagram. Mass unfollow instagram python script that allowing automatically unfollow accounts you are following but that doesn't follow you
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