SSH Jump Host. Jumphost Connection

SSH Jump Host

Jumphost or jumphost servers are intermediaries between the high security zone and the DMZ zones. And provide transparent control of devices in the DMZ zone.
Of course jump host should be highly secured for preventing access to security zone.

You can connect to the target host through one or more intermediaries jumphosts, and that client can act as if the connection was direct.

Using jumphosts connection is the most secure method, because it utilize end-to-end encryption. Thus, traffic passing through intermediate nodes is always encrypted.

SSH Jump Hosts can be used as alternative to SSH tunneling.

How to SSH a Remote Host Using a Jump Host

This is example of using using jump host connection.
This connection method can be used if You using SSH Public Key Authentication

SSH Jump Host connection Example:

$ ssh -J host1 host2

For specify different usernames and ports:

$ ssh -J [email protected]:port1 [email protected]:port2

Multiple SSH jumps between multiple hosts

To make jumps over multiple hosts:

$ ssh -J [email protected]:port1,[email protected]:port2 [email protected]:port3



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