Open-VM-Tools on CentOS 7 Install

In this guide you will learn how to Install Open VMware Tools on CentOS7/RHEL7. Open-vm-tools CentOS 7 install can be much easier and faster than official VMware Tools.

Open-vm-tools enables the following features:

  • The ability to perform virtual machine power operations gracefully.
  • Execution of VMware provided or user configured scripts in guests during various power operations.
  • The ability to run programs, commands and file system operation in guests to enhance guest automation.
  • Authentication for guest operations.
  • Periodic collection of network, disk, and memory usage information from the guest.
  • Generation of heartbeat from guests to hosts so VMware’s HA solution can determine guests’ availability.
  • Clock synchronization between guests and hosts or client desktops.
  • Quiescing guest file systems to allow hosts to capture file-system-consistent guest snapshots.
  • Execution of pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts while quiescing guest file systems.
  • The ability to customize guest operating systems immediately after powering on virtual machines.
  • Enabling shared folders between host and guest file systems on VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion.
  • Copying and pasting text, graphics, and files between guests and hosts or client desktops.

How to Install Open VMWare Tools on CentOS7

Time needed: 2 minutes

Install Open VMWare Tools on CentOS7

  1. Install Open VMWare Tools using YUM command

    # yum install -y open-vm-tools

  2. After installation reboot Virtual machine

    # reboot

On fresh installed CentOS7/RHEL7 you can use the YUM command to install Open VM Tools.

As root run command:

# yum install -y open-vm-tools

Example output:

open vm tools centos7 install

Start open-vm-tools

After VM Tools installation we need reboot CentOS7 Virtual Machine with reboot command:

# reboot

Open-vm-tools CentOS 7 install is done!


You just learned how to install VMware tools CentOS in to min.

More information about how to use Open VM Tools you can found in official documentation.

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