How To Fix Mavic Pro Flickering Video

How To Fix Mavic Pro Flickering Video in Adobe Premiere

Often you may encounter a problem with DJI Mavic Pro flickering video. Sometimes it can occur even if you using Mavic pro 2 ND filter. Anyway I recommend always use ND filters to making beautiful cinematic drone videos.

My own drone is DJI Mavic 2 Pro, and sometimes I also see GOP flickering on my footage. In this article I will show how to reduce flickering on DJI Mavic video footage in Adobe Premiere.

Put video on your Adobe Premiere timeline.

Make right click on video clip, and choose “Field Options…” as shown on pic.:

field options

In “Field Options” dialog box select: “Reverse Field Dominance and “Flicker removal” and press OK button.

Flicker removal

Do not forget this operation you should do for every clip on timeline, or you can simple select all timeline clips and change Processing Options.

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