VMware ESXI and FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Setup

FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Setup


In this guide I will show FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Setup using new iSCSI configuration wizard. And attach the iSCSI storage to VMware ESXi



Add New Zvol

Go to Storage -> Pools
Press three dots and chose “Add Zvol”

Add Zvol


In next dialog enter new Zvol name and Size for zvol.



Enable iSCSI service


Then we need start iSCSI service and set “Start Automatically

From left menu go to Services, enable iSCSI and check “Start Automatically” checkbox.

Enable iSCSI service



FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Configuration Wizard


In older FreeNAS versions, the ISCSI configuration was done manually.

iSCSI configuration includes next necessary steps:

  • Add portal
  • Add Initiator
  • Add Extent
  • Add Targets
  • Add Target / Extent

But the latest version of FreeNAS-11.3 has an iSCSI configuration wizard, and this can be done in a few simple steps.


Navigate Sharing -> Block Shares (iSCSI)

And press “Wizard” button on upper right corner


Step 1. Create or Choose Block Device

In wizard first step fill Name, select device, and choose the platform that will use this share.

Create or Choose Block Device


Step 2. Portal

Now we need create new Portal

Select IP



Step 2. Initiator

In Initiators you can leave blank to allow all

Authorized Networks: Network addresses allowed to use this initiator. Leave blank to allow all networks or list network addresses with a CIDR mask



Step 4. Confirm Options

In last step if everything is looks good just confirm options by Submit button.

Confirm Options


That’s it! Now we can connect VMware ESXi to your FreeNAS iSCSI block sharing.


Below I will show how to connect FreeNAS iSCSI as block storage to ESXi.

1. Add Software iSCSI Adapter

Add Software iSCSI Adapter

2. Configure Network (from properties )

Configure Network


3. Add iSCSI Server (Dynamic discovery tab)

Add iSCSI Server


4. Add Storage

Add Storage


Now FreeNAS 11.3 ISCSi ESXi Configuration is complete, andVMWare ESXi can use iSCSI datastore.



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VMware ESXI and FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Setup
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VMware ESXI and FreeNAS 11.3 iSCSI Setup
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  1. Before in was used manual way connecting my ESXi’s to Freenas servers.
    I just surprised how to easy can use iscsi wizard for attaching freenas store to virtual machines
    thank you, great manual !

  2. “Select IP”
    What IP? All I have available is and ::
    My FreeNAS GUI is available at Am I supposed to set something up in ESXi so that there is an IP available in the dropdown?

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