Configure One to One NAT in SonicWALL

One to One NAT (1:1 NAT )allows you to translate an internal IP address into a unique IP address.

1 Create 2 Address Objects

One for Server IP on LAN and another for Public IP of the server

Go to Network > Address Objects.


2 Create NAT Policy

This policy allows you to translate an external public IP address into an internal private IP address.

Go to the ‘Network > NAT Policies page, Click the Add button

Inbound NAT Policy

Original Source: Any
Translated Source:
Original Destination: Mywebserver Public
Translated Destination:
Mywebserver Private
Original Service:
Translated Service:
Inbound Interface: Any
Outbound Interface:
Comment: Webserver behind SonicWALL.
Enable NAT Policy:
Create a reflexive policyChecked


3 Create Firewall Access Rule

  • Go to Firewall > Access Rules page.
  • Select the type of view in the View Style section and go to From WAN To LAN.
  • Click Add and create the following rule:


From Zone: WAN
To Zone: LAN

DestinationMy webserver Public 
Users Allowed: All
Schedule: Always on
Enable Logging: checked

Allow Fragmented Packetschecked


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