How To Reset Openfire Admin Password

How To Reset Openfire Admin Password

If you forgot Openfire admin password this tutorial will help you step by step Reset Openfire admin password from Linux command line.


1. Stop Openfire

Stop Openfire service by command:

# service openfire stop


2. Locate Openfire configuration file

Find where is located  openfire.xml configuration file in your Linux system.

Usually it can found in /opt/openfire/conf/ CentOS directory. Open and edit with your favorite text editor.

# vim /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml
openfire reset admin password

openfire.xml config file example


3. Modify Openfire configuration file

Add next line into openfire.xml config file:


where NewOneTimePass – your one time access token, you can use anything you want.

openfire admin password reset


3. Start Openfire

Now we can start Openfire service:

# service openfire start


4. Openfire Administration Console Login

Point your browser to http://YourServer:9090 or https://YourServer:9091 and login with your one time password into Openfire Administration Console, in our case it’s: NewOneTimePass

Go to users and change admin password.


Done, Openfire admin password restored!


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