LSI 9210-8i HBA Card Flash To IT Mode

LSI 9210-8i HBA Card Flash To IT Mode

If you are using LSI SAS 2008 based HBA/RAID cards such as the LSI 9211-8i FreeNAS recommend run in IT (Initiator Target) mode. Don’t use cards in IR (Integrated RAID) mode.

For update  firmware and BIOS check current firmware version with command:

sas2flash -list

Example output:

LSI 9210-8i IT mode

(in my case card already in IT mode)

Firmware should be at-least and BIOS should be


Download Firmware and BIOS

Firmware and bios download here:

Then download flasher for UEFI:


You need sas2flash.efi from and 2108it.bin aswell as mpt2sas.rom from

Create bootable USB stick. Use Rufus software.

Put those 3 files on a fat32 USB stick load into UEFI Shell get to the folder with the 3 files and run:

sas2flash.efi -f 2108it.bin -b mptsas2.rom

Then run:

sas2flash.efi -list

And confirm that firmware is and BIOS is

In case if you have more than 1 RAID card for example 2, you can update BIOS and firmware simultaneously:

sas2flash -listall




sas2flash.efi -c 0 -f 2108it.bin -b mptsas2.rom
sas2flash.efi -c 1 -f 2108it.bin -b mptsas2.rom

-c specifies which card you want to target


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