How To Convert FLV to MP4

How To Convert FLV to MP4 without re encoding, decompressing, re compressing, transcoding


FLV and MP4 formats are very similar. And both of formats has H264 video and AAC audio. It means you can convert very quickly FLV to MP4 without transcoding, and without using CPU power.
Only thinks you need – remuxing software.

“FLV Extract” utility will extract video and audio from FLV file and save to MP4 without decompressing or re compressing. New MP4 file will have same quality as original FLV.

Go to: and download last version of FLV Extract utility.

Run FLVExtract.exe executable file

Drag and Drop FLV file into program window:

FLV Extract

And press Start button

That’s It !

MP4 files will be output to the same folder and with the same name (except file extension mp4 instead flv).

Warning: program work only with English filenames, so rename your filenames to English first.


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