Super Converter

Super Converter (Unit Converter)

Unit Converter

“Super Converter” is an android tool for quick and easy various units conversion.
“Super Converter” has intuitive and simple User Interface UI, optimized for any user.

Available Unit Conversions include:

• Angle conversion: Degree to Radian, Radian to Degree
• Area conversion: square centimeter , square meter, Hectares, Acres, square inch, square feet, square Yard
• Fuel Consumption: mpg, km/l, liter per 100 km
• Length: millimeter, centimeter, meter (m), kilometer (km), inch, feet (ft), yard, mile
• Power conversion: Horsepower (HP), Watt, Kilowatt
• Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, kelvin
• Velocity (Speed) conversion: cm/s, m/s, km/h, ft/s, mi/h
• Volume: Cubic centimeter, Cubic meter, Liter, Cubic feet, Cubic inch, Fluid ounce (US), Gallon (US), Pint (US), Quart(US)
• Weight/Mass: milligram, gram, kilogram (kg), tonne, ounce, pound (lb)
• Imperial and metric conversion


• Lightweight
• Handy utility and perfect for for students, gym, cooking, school, teachers, engineering, physics etc..
• Intuitive interface for any user
• More than 168 ways of conversion
• Material design
• Supporting wide range of devices from small screen phone devices to large screen tablets.
• Free

If you have any suggestions for new features please feel free to email me.
Thank you for downloading, and happy converting!

The calculated values are only accurate within certain number ranges.

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