How To Identify Chipset On Motherboard

In this article you will learn how to identify chipset on motherboard by several methods on Windows 10, 11 and Linux.

Motherboard Visual Inspection

  1. To find out about the manufacture and chipset On the Motherboard this is the most easiest way is to read the motherboard user guide.
  2. Or check specifications on original box:

    find chipset on motherboard
  3. Read factory markings on mainboard:

    chipset name on mainboard

Motherboard BIOS

You can find detailed information about the manufacturer of the motherboard and the name of the chipset in the BIOS.

Identify Chipset BIOS

Identify Chipset In Windows 10, 11

Windows System Information Tool

If you are using a Windows operating system, you can find the chipset name for most motherboards using the “System Information” system tool.

Type in Windows 10, 11 search – System Information, and press the enter button.

Identify Chipset in Windows

Identify Chipset by Using Third-Party Software

There are many third-party system utilities that can easily identify chipsets. One of them is free “CPU-Z”.

How To Identify Chipset On Motherboard in Linux

To get information about system hardware on Linux open the terminal as root and type:

# dmidecode -t baseboard

In output you will see:


You’ve just learned a few ways to determine which chipset a motherboard is using and who the manufacturer is. But sometimes there are motherboards that are not possible to determine the origin of the chipset using these methods.

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